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TOP 10 Ways To Become a Better Driver.
Here are some usefull Tips to get you Start:

1. Practice

2. Take a Defensive Driving Course

3. Ditch the Distractions and Know Where You're Going

4. Handle Tough Driving Conditions Like a Boss

5. Know the Best Way to Merge in Traffic

6. Don't Bother Speeding

7. Don't Drive When You're Sleepy (or Otherwise Not Alert)

8. Adjust Your Mirrors to Cover Your Blind Spots

9. Keep Your Hands on the Wheel at the Proper Positions

10. Park with Precision

Why us

Best driving instractors in Nashville
With Expert

Driving Success

Our driving school is aimed at providing our students with theoretical and practical knowledge, which forms their future success on the road.

License Service

Class D License

Our school provides a profissional training program for class D type of License, that experience will stay.

Full Car


All of our cars insured from any troubles that may happen during their learning as well as actual driving in the city or in the country.

all of our Instructors

Experienced Instructor

Safe Drive is a team of highly experienced instructors who will be glad to teach-and help you or answer your questions about driving.

Our Prices

What Courses we offer and Prices

Knowledge Test

Permit Course

$ 350

30 Hours Classroom
Home Pick Up
All Ages

If You Already Have Your Permit

Driving Skills

$ 350

All Ages
6 Hours Behind the Wheel
Home Pick Up
Take as Many Lessons as You Want

for limited time

Big Sale

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save $200

If You Get Your Permit and your License Together

Special Offer

$ 500

All Ages
6 Hours behind the Wheel
30 Hours Classroom
18 Chapters Textbook

Our Team

Best driving instractors in Nashville
Head Instractor

Angel Eskander

Angel has a goal - to provide our students with a great driving experience. Students enjoy her real driving experience and learn from Angel’s exceptional instruction. Her intense Driving Instruction allows students to learn skills they will need and practice the rest of their lives. During Her work at Expert Driving School, she has used many years of experience to guide students through obstacles and give them reassurance when they make mistakes.

Our Cars


Business class sedan

This stylish compact sedan is offered in various trims. Despite its humble beginnings as an average economy car, it can accelerate and corner with all but the fastest production cars on the market. Finding a well-kept used example may be tough, but certainly worth the effort. Moreover, this sedan is a perfect option for driving beginners


Angel Eskander


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